I’m Vera Symchych and my point in playing violin is to bring the ideas of music to listeners. Each composer is individual: Bach tells us about spirituality through music, Chopin about sensual world of human being, Beethoven in adulthood was a rebel, and later he was like a wise philosopher who professes the ideas of cosmic scale ….
I am against dry academicism of the classics, where there are many stereotypes and performing stamps that make music boring.
At the age of 7 I chose the violin. At that time it was like child desire and intuition. Subsequently, get a professional music education (college named after D. Sichynskyi in Ivano-Frankivsk, National Music Academy named after P. Tchaikovsky in Kyiv, Ecole Normale de Music de Paris Alfred Cortot) and visiting numerous master classes, now I know why I chose the violin . Among all instruments it’s the closest to a human voice and is able to express directly the most subtle human emotions and thoughts ….

Vera Symchych